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Valentines 2008

Alex Cho and Primrose Valdez

During Spring 1998, Alex and Primrose took a math class together. Primrose said Alex caught her attention when he would ride into class on a skateboard, while Alex thought Primrose's professional wear was attractive. Alex invited Primrose to a Border's study group. Primrose was surprised that no one else showed up. In truth, Alex just wanted to see Primrose alone. After that, Alex and Primrose continued to work on their degrees; Alex in accounting, and Primrose in a separate field. They went back to school together for their nursing degrees, and finished their degrees in December 2007. Alex and Primrose will be married on March 31, 2008. As winners of the Honolulu Advertiser wedding contest, they have no wedding planning problems and look forward to a wonderful day.

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