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Valentines 2008

Larry and Raynelle Cobb (maiden name Chang)

During the Fall 1975 semester, my (Raynelle) girlfriend Octavia and I hung out in-between our BusAd classes. She remarked that she was so fortunate to have a friend in her Accounting class who allowed her to park at his house right off of Vancouver. Seems he didn't yet have a car after returning from his Army stint. I, on the other hand, made the daily trek from the "quarry" to attend my BusAd classes. As fate would have it, I was introduced to Larry by Octavia in the corridors of BusAd. It wasn't love at first sight. After all, how can anyone make an impression when the normal dress code was t-shirts, shorts and rubber slippers? For the next several months, we'd run into each other and chat. Then it happened! He kept me company as I, along with 20+ students, camped overnight on the hard concrete floor in one of the BusAd towers for student registration the next day. (Back then, it was first come, first served; registration wasn't very automated.). His thoughtfulness and genuine interest won my heart. Larry and I graduated in the summer 1977 (degrees in Accounting and Personnel & Industrial Relations respectively). For the next one and a half years, we lived in Los Angeles close to his family and got a taste working in the hectic city. We returned home in 1979 and married in August. We've been together ever since.
....In case there was any doubt, it was I who ended up with the prime parking space!

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