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Valentines 2008

Barton and WenDee Eng (maiden name Abraham)

It was October of 1980 in Hamilton Library. We were two young UHM students looking for new friendships, perhaps romance...Phi Sigma Rho Sorority and Kappa Epsilon Theta Fraternity were chosen to work together that year and so Barton and I (WenDee) crossed paths planning service projects for our UHM sponsored clubs. We were officially a couple by November 25th of that year. In December of 1985, Barton moved back to New York (he was originally from Brooklyn), but in May of 1986 I followed! We were engaged on May 11, 1986 in front of Ray's Pizza parlor. It was a tearful return to the islands in January of 1987 when I moved back to Hawai`i without Barton. But we were reunited in October of 1987 when he and his Hawai`i born Mom returned to the islands. The Big wedding day was July 23, 1988 for Barton and WenDee Eng. We celebrate our 20th anniversary this July!

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