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Valentines 2008

Don and Achara Entz (maiden name Thawatwiboonpol)

My Thai wife (the former Achara Thawatwiboonpol) and I met as graduate students at the UH Mānoa School of Public Health from August 1991 to December 1993. I had already spent two years in Thailand, so we had something in common. On top of that, she lived at the East-West Center as a scholarship student, while I worked at the East-West Center's Housing Department, and my position required me to live at the Center after my first semester. So we had many opportunities to see each other. We began dating at the end of our first school year at UH. In January 1994, a month after our graduation, we returned to Thailand together and were married here in Bangkok on June 17 of that year in a Chinese ceremony presided over by Achara's mother. This year will be our 14th wedding anniversary and we're still going strong!

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