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Valentines 2008

Shawn and Olivia Eppe (maiden name Orbito)

My husband Shawn and I met at a dorm party at Noelani apartments celebrating his 22nd birthday during October 1991. My friends invited me to come along and I got to meet the birthday boy after a round of tequila. Not very romantic, but we were just a bunch of college kids letting loose on a Saturday night. I wasn't sure if I'd ever see him again. But we had a lot of mutual friends being that we were both involved in the Greek community at the time (TKE and AGD) and we encountered each other on a very regular basis at the Campus Center and through fraternity/sorority events. We dated from 1991-1994 and eventually got married in May 1995 with a lot of our friends from UH in our wedding party. Immediately after getting married, we moved to Denver, CO and we've been here ever since. We now have 4 beautiful children (ages 7 yrs to 3 months) and they all keep us extremely busy. We've been blessed in every way and we're thankful for how our life has turned out. We'll be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary in May 2008 and we look forward to many more years together.

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