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Valentines 2008

Brian and Edna Higa

In 1975, Edna pulled over to the Kalihi gas station to fill up and Brian serviced her vehicle. Edna was the driver for a Chevy Camero packed with family members, including her mother who remarked "look at that young man who helped us with the gas, I don't mind having a son-in-law like him." Edna quickly forgot the remark. Brian was not so quick to forget Edna though. During the summer of 1975, as Edna filled out applications for herself and her four siblings to participate in the Operation Manong program sponsored under University of Hawai`i Ethnic Studies. Brian approached with an offer to help her fill out her application, but she quickly denied him. Over the length of the program, Brian made advances towards Edna under the guise of arranging a relationship between her and a "friend of his." Eventually he admitted it was he who was interested in Edna and she agreed to go out with him. The two dated for quite some time and the two were married on Edna's 26th birthday (November 1st, 1980). Edna, as a member of the armed forces, was deployed from September 02, 2007 to January of 2008 in Southwest Asia. She shared her skills to service members and their families and shared her love of the islands to the colleagues that she met there, including hula performances and ladies ministry. Edna and Brian have two sons and look forward to many more years together.

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