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Valentines 2008

Paul Isono and Gayle Machida

My wife, Gayle, and I met at the UH and have been together ever since. We are the owners of Maile Way Products, responsible for "local Kine Cards," a greeting card line sold at over 70 retailers throughout the State for the past 10 years. Gayle is a BBA graduate in Marketing and I'm a BA graduate in Communications and past ASUH president. In addition, our artists, Jon Murakami and Dennis Fujitake, are also graduates of UH Mānoa. Note: Owner President (Machida) and Vice President (Isono) of Maile Way Products, Inc., named their company Maile Way after the UH Maile Way thoroughfare where they met. Other UH graduates who are artists with the company are Jon Murakami and Dennis Fujitake.

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