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Valentines 2008

Howard M. and Jane Kadohiro (maiden name Keller)

It was 40 years ago. Jane was a young college student wanting to take some summer courses. Because Jane had worked hard and saved her money, her mother suggested she take summer classes in Hawai`i. Jane arrived in Honolulu, very excited to be in a place that had been a long time dream. The UH dorms were closed during the second summer session to prepare for the fall semester, so she moved into an off-campus, private dormitory. Howard and his roommate were packing and in the process of moving out of that off-campus dormitory. He was a young college student completing his business degree at Honolulu Business College, and his student deferment was nearing the end. He planned to return to his family home in Kona and work until he received the Welcome letter that would soon sent him to Viet Nam. Jane and Howard met on the very first night she arrived in Hawai`i. She went to classes every day and Jane and Howard began enjoying each others company--sightseeing, beach and picnics with friends, bon dance festivals. They enjoyed the beauty of Hawai`i and they enjoyed getting to know each other. Jane learned that Howard was planning to soon return to Kona. She quickly convinced him to apply for admission to the University of Hawai`i as she quietly explored the possibility of them both enrolling in fall classes. Three weeks into the six week summer session, Jane quietly called her parents to inform them that she had made arrangements to finish college at the UH. They were so cool. They told her that she had chosen to complete her college studies in the most beautiful place in the world. That fall, Howard and Jane enrolled in some classes together, studied together, and continued to enjoy the beauty of the campus and the islands. They were inseparable. And they were married a year and a half later when Jane graduated. It was a wonderful summer and the beginning of a life long involvement with the University of Hawai`i. And it was a wonderful love, a love that is still very special to this day.

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