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Valentines 2008

Timothy and Aliyn Lum (maiden name Parubrub)

Fall Semester of 1976 (Tim's second year at UH), he ran into an old high school classmate in Sinclair Library. She had a new friend with her who, when he was introduced to, smiled at him. He melted. "She made me feel like I was the only one in the library and man, was she good looking!" Eventually Tim got Aliyn's phone number. When he called, she said she remembered meeting him, but he found out later she didn't really remember him. She asked a classmate who attended high school with Tim all about him and was shown his high school yearbook by her friend because she Ailyn didn't remember what Tim looked like. Of course, he didn't find this out until years later. They started dating and seven years later, they were married on April 23, 1983. They'll be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in a few months. They have four children now and their eldest is in his second year at UH.

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